24 hour tanning. Tan on your own Time. Awesome, Isn't it.

Toast Tanning is North Georgia's first and only 24 hour tanning parlour. In fact, it’s the only tanning Parlour you're likely to find. Toast is a fresh new concept that combines the traditional European tanning experience with modern technology. That’s the difference between a mere tanning salon and a Toast Tanning Parlour.

In 1923, Coco Chanel stepped off a yacht in Cannes, France with a beautiful, deep suntan. A bronzed body has been the style ever since. At Toast you'll get that bronzed body, and you'll find an experience unlike any other.

Big Lobby

Toast isn’t a salon. Toast isn’t a boutique. Toast is a flawless fusion of the traditional and modern. Toast Tanning Parlours has the most experienced staff, the highest quality products, the cleanest equipment, and an atmosphere no one else can match. So come check us out, you deserve a better tanning experience.

Toast Tanning Parlours. Others Pale In Comparison.